Ian Levine

Chase Young
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Ian Levine tops!!!

After a bad day, Chase Young confides in his roommate, Ian levine. chase decides to head to bed, but Ian has plans of his own and tells Chase to leave his door open. Not one to go back on idle temptation, Chase heads to bed and is soon joined by Ian, bouncing on top of him. The two exchange passionate kisses and strip each other's clothes to the bedside. Chase can't wait to get Ian's bubble butt out of his pants, and Ian can't wait to plant kisses down Chase's furry chest. Chase can't take much more and pushes his ass in the air for Ian to eat. Ian does not dissapoint. He knows how to use his tongue and soon has Chase moaning with each flick over his pink hole. After some fingering, Chase takes ian's hard cock into his soft mouth. The boys trade blowjobs and Ian sucks on Chase's balls one by one. Chase straddles Ian, who seems to enjoy topping as much as he does bottoming! Chase rides Ian's hard cock, gripping the bedframe and cooing in ectasy. It isn't long before Chase is on his back, bare feet in the air as Ian mounts him and thrusts his cock deep into Chase's wet hole. Chase is eager for cum and has his tongue out begging as ian unloads into his waiting mouth.

The chemistry between Ian and Chase is undeniable. We just wish Ian would top more often...

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