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Bryce comes home after a long day at work to find his step-son, Alex, naked in the guest room with a large dildo up his smooth butt. Words fly and Bryce is left peeking through the door at the bare-assed, blonde twink. Alex, however, loves to be watched, and he soon catches a glimpse of Bryce leering from behind the half-closed door. Using a smile for an invitation, it isn't long before Bryce is stripping off his work clothes and burying his scruffy face in Alex's firm cheeks.
The unlikely duo are soon naked and blowing each other. Alex's toes curl as Bryce's tongue flicks in and out of his hole. Alex moans and writhes under Bryce's touch, his rock hard dick slapping his tight boy tummy as he rides Bryce's daddy dick. The blonde twink takes every inch of his stepfather's fat cock, riding it hard and then on his back and looking into Bryce's steel blue eyes. When Alex finally touches his dick, he shoots hot cum all over his pubes and chest, grunting and mewling the entire time, enjoying every minute of his mother being away from home.
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